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Pillar 4: Arizona Global

Redefining International and Setting the Standard for a Global University in the Digital Age

Pillar Owners: Brent White and Carol Gregorio

The University of Arizona has a unique opportunity to set the standard for a global university in the digital age, and we are engaging communities globally in different ways as part of the strategic plan.

More detailed information is available in the initiative descriptions below and the Pillar 4 Spring 2021 Updates. For questions, please contact the initiative owners, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) consultant, or pillar owners.

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4.1A Global Projects Eric Bergthold   Brian Cunningham 
The University of Arizona will become a world-leader for confronting global challenges by increasing development, capacity building, training, and other projects performed abroad; building stronger connections to international institutions; and creating incentives for faculty to grow their global portfolios. The office will enhance UA’s global presence and success by building stronger connections with government agencies, contractors, development banks, and industry focused on international projects. It will help grow the university’s global footprint and support faculty-led projects while making strategic decisions informed by faculty and external advisory boards.
Spring 2021 Update
Launch Date: 07/30/2019
Strategic Initiatives Fund FY21 Budget: $239,000
4.2A1 Global Presence Erin Chadd   OSI Team
The UA will provide global access to high-quality UA educational programs through innovative Microcampus partnerships with international universities that enable, encourage and expand the global delivery of UA academic programs, international collaborative research, global engagement, multi-directional mobility, and brand awareness. The UA's Microcampus model extends the UA’s global presence through UA locations situated on the campuses of partner universities around the world. These Microcampuses leverage the infrastructure, services and faculty expertise of the partner institution, serving as educational and research hubs and as sites for study abroad.
4.2A2 Create separate legal entity to facilitate UA presence, research and educational activities abroad Brent White Erin Chadd OSI Team
The creation of UA Global Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization affiliated with the UA, will enable effective global operations and presence necessary for implementation of the UA’s Global vision by establish physical presence, as needed, at global locations, opening bank accounts, rent space, and perform other business needs abroad, facilitating tax and legal compliance, hiring location managers, study abroad site coordinators and any other employees needed at global locations or for international projects and hiring or entering into independent contracts with individuals to recruit international students abroad.
Launch Date: 04/09/2019
4.2C1  The University of Arizona will become a top of mind destination Stephanie Adamson   OSI Team
The University of Arizona will become a top of mind destination for talented and diverse students from around the globe. We will draw freshman, transfer, and graduate students from diverse international recruitment avenues, as well as from a unique Early University Program offered at UA-Affiliated High Schools around the globe, the innovative microcampus model, and though sustained and highly visible marketing and on-the-ground presence in top markets for international students. The UA will leverage the Wildcat Family by involving faculty, alumni, and current students – including students studying abroad – in recruiting a globally diverse study body and will be a national model for creative, efficient, and effective international enrollment management practices.
Launch Date: 04/09/2019
4.2C2 Early University Program at UA-Affiliated High Schools Abroad Roger Miesfeld Brent White OSI Team
The UA will develop dedicate pipelines of well-prepared international students though an Early University Program offered at UA-Affiliated high schools abroad. The Early University Program will allow global students to develop English proficiency and earn 15 to 30 UA credits while still in secondary school. This program will be based on a flipped model of instruction with materials delivered online and supplemented by local facilitation inside partner high schools. The UA will provide the curriculum, faculty of record, and a pool of highly qualified UA graduates to act as in-class facilitators through a new program called “Teach for the Globe.”
4.2C3  Build an unparalleled support infrastructure to ensure international students are well-integrated Joanne Lagasse-Long   OSI Team
The University of Arizona will ensure that international students have an excellent university experience and strong outcomes after graduation. The UA will become a national model for supporting the needs of international students. To achieve this, the UA will offer a high-touch, concierge-level of support for international students, addressing the special cultural, academic, social, financial, career, mental health, legal, and other issues that international students face as they integrate into UA's academic, social, and cultural contexts which will be located in the Arizona Global Center, a hub for global activities on the UA campus that will also house international recruitment, admissions, and marketing.
Launch Date: 06/11/2019
4.2C4 Arizona Global Center Erin Chadd   Brian Cunningham
The UA will create a Global Center that will be the hub for international activities on the UA campus. The Arizona Global Center will serve as a one stop shop for services and activities for the UA’s international students, international faculty and scholars, and study abroad students, creating synergies and efficiencies in services including international student services, international faculty and scholars, international recruitment, admissions, and marketing, study abroad and student exchange, UA Passport Office and international food options. The Global Center will eventually be at the heart of a new International Village.
Spring 2021 Update
Launch Date: 03/19/2019
4.3A1 Network of Dedicated UA Study Abroad Sites Lisa Turker Harmony DeFazio Davies OSI Team
The UA will establish a global network of dedicated UA Study Abroad sites around the world, where students earn UA credits as part of integrated curricular paths, pay UA tuition, and receive UA financial aid, greatly increasing the affordability and attractiveness of studying abroad. By co-convening UA classes abroad, the UA will create unique study abroad learning hubs that are both top quality and affordable, reaching more students than ever before, including UA Study Abroad students, non-UA US Study Abroad students, and other nationality students together.
4.3A2 Unique and Affordable Experiences Abroad Harmony DeFazio Davies Lisa Turker OSI Team
The UA will maximize successful study abroad UA programs to make study abroad a seamless experience for students, encouraging more students to participate and making the UA the national leader in study abroad. National (and UA) trends show that students prefer short-term study abroad options so this initiative will maximize shorter duration programs, while also strengthening exchange programs and providing opportunities for career-oriented international experiences. Additionally, this initiative focuses on removing barriers to study abroad through fundraising and addressing institutional policies and procedures which currently de-incentivize study abroad participation.
UAHS 1.5A UArizona Health Sciences Global & Online Carol Gregorio   Julia White
We will advance Arizona Health Sciences offerings into the global and online domains and bring the world closer together by defining the future of health care education, research and practice. Specific components include the creation of new online, blended and microcampus program offerings as well as the expansion of international research opportunities for students. Ultimately, these activities will lead to increased enrollment in Arizona Health Sciences microcampus, online and competency-based degree programs.
Spring 2021 Update
Launch Date: 01/24/2020
Strategic Initiatives Fund FY21 Budget: $1,430,000

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