Our Promise

Through the implementation of the Strategic Plan, UA will develop innovative, adaptive learners and disruptive problem solvers who are prepared to lead meaningful lives and improve society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Economy.

We will invest in the discovery, research, and creative endeavors that solve the world’s grand challenges.

We will leverage Arizona’s unique assets and diversity as a competitive advantage and be an integral and collaborative partner with our local and global communities.

Strategic Plan Overview

The framework of the University of Arizona Strategic Plan is inspired by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a time of augmented intelligence and the fusion of digital, physical and biological worlds. We embrace our duty and privilege to serve the special needs of the state and its citizenry as this new era unfolds.

University employees and students can read the full plan. External constituents can read the plan here.

The strategic planning and implementation process is guided by the Purpose and Values of the institution. 

Strategic Plan Pillars

The five pillars represent broad focus areas that work in concert and collectively act as a robust roadmap for the UArizona’s future. Each pillar has been developed into initiatives implemented with clear goals and performance indicators. At the plan's inception, each pillar had one or two Pillar Owners who helped to guide Initiative Owners as they implemented their initiatives. If interested in learning more about the pillars, please contact the Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI).


Initiative Owners worked diligently to develop a compelling vision and business plan for their initiatives. A comprehensive prioritization process identified initiatives for moving forward in phases with some already underway and others considered for support from the Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF). The prioritization focused on the relative impact, boldness and Return On Investment (ROI). The implementation phase begins with refinement of the milestones, time-phased budgets and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) that guide the diverse and inclusive teams whose mission is to ensure the successful implementation of the initiatives.

The University of Arizona Health Sciences developed its Strategic Plan in late 2018 and early 2019, guided by overarching goals that include providing high-quality healthcare to Arizonans, eliminating the shortage of health professionals in Arizona, and closing the gap between healthspan and lifespan. Five core themes were then identified, and a portfolio of select strategic initiatives were developed within these themes. In the fall of 2019, the Health Sciences Strategic Initiatives were integrated within the Five Pillars of the overall UArizona Strategic Plan. Learn more about the Health Sciences Themes and Strategic Initiatives.


The Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF) is a designated fund to be expended from Jan-01 2019 thru Jun-30 2024 to invest in strategic initiatives outlined in the University of Arizona Strategic Plan approved by Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) in November 2018. Strategic Initiatives are supported through returns that are generated from short-term investment of the university's operating funds. Refer to the Financial Services Manual to learn more.

Office of Strategic Initiatives

The Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) was established to support the campus community during implementation of the exciting new initiatives that were developed during strategic planning process, with the mission of supporting the effective and efficient implementation of the initiatives that were developed to achieve the ambitious, bold and inspirational goals of the University of Arizona strategic plan.