Through the implementation of the Strategic Plan, UA will develop innovative, adaptive learners and disruptive problem solvers who are prepared to lead meaningful lives and improve society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Economy.

University of Arizona Campus

Strategic Plan Overview

The framework of the University of Arizona Strategic Plan is inspired by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a time of augmented intelligence and the fusion of digital, physical and biological worlds. We embrace our duty and privilege to serve the special needs of the state and its citizenry as this new era unfolds.

University employees and students can read the full plan here. External constituents can read the plan here.

The strategic planning and implementation process is guided by the Purpose and Values of the institution. 

Strategic Plan Pillars

The five pillars represent broad focus areas that work in concert and collectively act as a robust roadmap for the UArizona’s future. Each pillar has been developed into initiatives implemented with clear goals and performance indicators. Each pillar has one or two Pillar Owners who help to guide Initiative Owners as they implement their initiatives. If interested in learning more about  the pillars, please click here or contact the Pillar Owner(s) or the Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI).

Amy Kimme Hea and Judd Ruggill, Wildcat Journey Pillar Co-Owners

Brian Erstad, Kim Ogden and John O'Neil, Grand Challenges Pillar Co-Owners

Maribel Alvarez and Lehman Benson, Arizona Advantage Pillar Co-Owners

Carol Gregorio  and Brent White, Arizona Global Pillar Owner

Nicole Salazar , Institutional Excellence Pillar Owner

Strategic Initiatives

Initiative Owners worked diligently to develop a compelling vision and business plan for their initiatives. A comprehensive prioritization process identified initiatives for moving forward in phases with some already underway and others considered for support from the Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF). The prioritization focused on the relative impact, boldness and Return On Investment (ROI). The implementation phase begins with refinement of the milestones, time-phased budgets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that guide the diverse and inclusive teams whose mission is to ensure the successful implementation of the initiatives.

Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI)

The Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) was established to support the campus community during implementation of the exciting new initiatives that were developed during strategic planning process. The mission is to support the effective and efficient implementation of the initiatives that were developed to achieve the ambitious, bold and inspirational goals of the University of Arizona strategic plan. Meet the team below:

Jane Hunter, VP for Strategic Initiatives

Michelle Gates, Associate VP for Strategic Initiatives Financial Affairs

Lori Tochihara, Coordinator, Administrative Services

Carlos Castellanos, OSI Project Manager, Wildcat Journey

Jessica Thornburg, OSI Project Manager, Grand Challenges and Arizona Global

Brian Cunningham, OSI Project Manager, Arizona Advantage

Ryan Smith, OSI Project Manager, Institutional Excellence

Jennifer Horner, Associate Director, Engagement & Communications

Dustin Natte, Project Management Assistant

Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF)

The Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF) is a designated fund to be expended from Jan-01 2019 thru Jun-30 2024 to invest in strategic initiatives outlined in the University of Arizona Strategic Plan approved by Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) in November 2018. These funds are made available through the reduction of institutional cash reserves. Refer to the Financial Services Manual to learn more.