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February Question: Name three ways the UA can ensure our students are prepared for life after graduation.

  • 25% of respondents: Offer real-world experience in the form of experiential learning opportunities, real-life projects, and internships and externships.
  • 24% of respondents: Career placement assistance in the form of job fairs, guidance and mentoring, and opportunities for networking. Perhaps offer a capstone-type course that addresses skills needed in the workplace, gets their resume together, etc.        
  • 12% of respondents: Teach a Life Skills course that covers effective communication, basic health and self-care, sexual health and responsibility, and relationships beyond social media (personal/sexual, family, friends, supervisors).
  • 11% of respondents: Develop critical thinking skills. 
  • 7% of respondents: Provide financial information, addressing student loans/debt, future salaries, and budgeting to encourage financial stability post-graduation.


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